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Rainbow Road


Begging the listener to truly follow their dreams, lean in to their main character arc, and sit easy in their feelings of freedom, Rainbow Road is truly redefining what of persephone's siren rock truly is. Bright, glimmering, arpeggiated guitars pull your ears in as Sarah Rae's vocals begin to soar over head just like a bird flying free in the air. Siren rock has solidified itself as a solid entity of power-house, dramatic vocals, graceful yet powerful bass lines, and both arpeggiated, and plucked guitars that grab your attention above the chords beneath them. Rae says to Victoria at BuzzMusic, "Rainbow Road revolves around my experience with coming in to my own power. I wanted to create what I feel it sounds like to realize that you’re safe. You’re free. You don’t have to be in fight or flight mode. So many people are constantly battling fight or flight mentality, victim complexes, and imposter syndrome. One day I woke up and realized I was above that narrative of myself, and experienced true freedom for the first time. That’s when I started writing the Rainbow Road album, and I hope that anyone who hears its title track really, truly hears the sound of freedom. I want it to make the listener feel like running without aim through an open meadow stripped naked with sparklers."


Sarah Rae has been called Atlanta's song bird since 2020. Bringing in a new sound of siren rock that, at its core, is warm, shimmering, and inviting she felt called to really lean backwards to figure out what the sound of siren rock really should be. Always engaging with fans, and listening to feedback she wanted to dip the new musics' toes back in to what grabbed attention on her in the first place, taking inspiration from tracks such as Dancing Sun, and Shockwave in her Sarah Rae project days. Rainbow Road as an entire album will truly roll out to be the birth child of every avenue Rae has been down musically in the last two years, and spring forward a newer, brighter, fuller, better version of what her siren rock is supposed to be.

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