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The Full Story

Enchantress of Paradise


Brand New Eyes is the first EP album released by Sarah Rae under the Sarah Rae project. This album begs the listener to tune in to that power we all hold inside of us, and question everything except your worth. With catchy pop punk melodies that inspire you to dance, overlayed by dissonanced vocals that truly strike a nerve. This album was written behind the inspiration of a global pandemic asking everyone to re-evaluate everything. To stay stuck, or move forward. To find that promised land within yourself, and then hop in to that rainbow bubble to float away to space.


"Healing is a disgusting, messy, beautiful process, and it's triggered by the perpetual desire ​to find your own personal promise land, and happy ending,"says Rae when anyone asks about her very first EP released solo in 2020. Brand New Eyes was her colorful take on the healing, and redirection the devastating year asked everyone on this planet to take.

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