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Enchantress of Paradise


"Dancing Sun" was Sarah Rae's very first single released under her solo project Sarah Rae. 2020 was a messy year, but so is life. Why shouldn't we dance despite the pains of life? Why shouldn't we sing despite the heartbreaks of love? Rae begged the listener to dance with her as the world walked through the trepidation that was a global pandemic, and the loss of the world as we knew it.


​"I was tired of seeing victim mentalities. From both myself, and the ones I loved," So, Sarah Rae channeled it into her first ever single release, Dancing Sun, where she begged everyone around her to dance despite the pain, fear, and confusion of the world-altering pandemic of 2020. This was the start of a beautiful leap of faith into a music career for Rae.

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