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Enchantress of Paradise

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Completely unique to their normal sound, this one of a kind single embodies feminine rage at its core. Atlanta-based siren rockers brave the current days of bodily autonomy, feminine rage versus desire, and the desire to break the chains men put on women of all colors. Referencing blood spilled over the fight for our rights the siren rockers utilize monotonous vocals layered by their notable, soaring siren calls as the 80s inspired melody rings through underneath it all utilizing unique bings, bongs, and noise with the usual of persephone soaring riffs. Siren Rock born of the Goddess they call it to represent the pain, and discomfort of feminine peers.


Sarah Rae has been called Atlanta's song bird since 2020. Bringing in a new sound of siren rock that, at its core, is warm, shimmering, and inviting she felt called to create something truly off-kilter and unique in light of the Roe v. Wade overturn, and the bloody struggle of women in the Middle East. Enchantress of Paradise is an off-tune, messy array of sound to embody the female rage that has been pent up for centuries.

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