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Every road lead you home.

Atlanta-based artist Sarah Rae has seen proof of this statement first hand. Beginning as a solo project, the singer/songwriter had a dream of creating her own unique genre: siren rock. Mixing her love of synthesizers, pop/punk, shoegaze, and operatic vocals Sarah began writing songs on her. She started young at the age of 12, and pursued music all the way through college until she took  a 10 year hiatus pursuing other ventures. In 2020, she changed the game and began focusing on compositions and sounds that embodied her goal of what siren rock would look and sound like. Although it was rewarding to make progress independently, her dream was to be in a band with fellow creatives who shared the same passion for music. Meeting through mutual friends in the Atlanta music scene, the lineup fell into place in 2021. Thus, of persephone was born.


of persephone includes Sarah Rae (vocals/keys), Steven Victor (guitar), Nicholas Mays (drummer), and Chris Tinsley (bassist). While they have only been together for a year, the members consider themselves a real family. While they still perform Sarah Rae's singles she released on her own which gained local and international attention, they released their first record, Bridge to Neverland, in early 2022. The 8-track release showcases Sarah's "siren rock" genre with a fuller, brighter sound. Sparkling guitar leads paired with Rae's theatrical vocals bring the listener into the ethereal world of the frontwoman's mind. There is a nostalgia and childhood innocence about the band's sound that makes it feel fresh. This emphasis on fairytales and classic stories will continue through their upcoming releases, including their next single "Rainbow Road".


Landing premieres in Spill Magazine and The Big Takeover, of persephone is well on its way to international recognition. At the same time, the band is making its hometown of Atlanta proud, headling successful shows at venues like Center Stage, The EARL, Star Bar, Smith's Olde Bar and more. With festivals and their first tour in the works, the band proves that everything happens for a reason. Follow Sarah Rae and the rest of the band as they move forward on their journey to finding their own musical Neverland.

Latest Albums

A&R Factory

"Be free again: Atlanta Dream Pop sensation Sarah Rae shows us the way to finding inner acceptance on "Dancing Sun"

Music Crowns

"Shockwave" sees Sarah Rae's haunting vocals weave in and out of energetic guitar riffs."

African Hype

"Sarah Rae has etched out refreshing vibes of pop with a breathtaking rhythm in her new EP "brand new eyes"


"Enjoy brilliant pop-infused flavors with Sarah Rae's new EP"

The Further

"The singer’s creativity is undeniable as she also blends powerful eclectic guitar riffs with touches of post-punk."

Edgar Allen Poets

"An incredible vocal timbre, ethereal and ancestral that made me think of being Ulysses during his odyssey when he was bewitched by the mermaids."

Upcoming Shows

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