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What does it feel like to lose someone close to you knowing that they only stayed close wishing for your downfall? How often have you sat within your glass house while others cast their rock at its foundation, posing as an ally? No more will we live in fear thinking our foundation may crack or crumble if we must move forward without those we believed to be a foundation relationship. We will live as bright and glimmering as the guitars within our music, as ethereal and happy as the soaring vocals, and as fierce as the bass line beneath it all. Let them look on in to our Glass Unicorn and see how we may thrive.

"I see you in my dreams
Life is not what it seems
Have you learned what it means
Or will you cry in the soil you reap

Call to me like a monster
Chase me down, hunt me ever faster
Like the last unicorn
I'm your glass unicorn

Can't we grow old together
Love born of all the laughter
We can walk through forever

Hunt me down ever faster
(Like a monster)
Like the last unicorn
I'm your glass unicorn"


Sarah Rae has been called Atlanta's song bird since 2020. Bringing in a new sound of siren rock that, at its core, is warm, shimmering, and inviting she felt called to really lean backwards to figure out what the sound of siren rock really should be. Always engaging with fans, and listening to feedback she wanted to dip the new musics' toes back in to what grabbed attention on her in the first place, taking inspiration from tracks such as Dancing Sun, and Shockwave in her Sarah Rae project days. Rainbow Road as an entire album will truly roll out to be the birth child of every avenue Rae has been down musically in the last two years, and spring forward a newer, brighter, fuller, better version of what her siren rock is supposed to be.

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