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Intergalactic is a siren rock tune meant to completely sweep the listener off of their feet with bright, bold, colorful childhood nostalgia. With glimmering, arpeggiated guitars overlayed by Sarah Rae's "Dancing Sun" era key strokes, the track makes reference to spending your years desperately holding on to, and protecting the childhood you never had, until one day you no longer have to. Sarah recounts, "I wrote this song in two days. I had just come home, and finished training as a flight attendant, and the first time in my life as I
sat staring at my cat, eating soup... I realized I was safe. I no longer had to be in fight or flight mode, and it was time to give my respect to little me by letting her finally rest."


Sarah Rae has been called Atlanta's song bird since 2020. Bringing in a new sound of siren rock that, at its core, is warm, shimmering, and inviting she felt called to really lean backwards to figure out what the sound of siren rock really should be. Always engaging with fans, and listening to feedback she wanted to dip the new musics' toes back in to what grabbed attention on her in the first place, taking inspiration from tracks such as Dancing Sun, and Shockwave in her Sarah Rae project days. Rainbow Road as an entire album will truly roll out to be the birth child of every avenue Rae has been down musically in the last two years, and spring forward a newer, brighter, fuller, better version of what her siren rock is supposed to be.

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