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The Full Story

Raw, Live, & Ethereal


of persephone takes to Atlanta's Standard Electric Recorders Co where Sarah Rae wanted to put in to recording the ways of persephone adapts their music to each, and every performance. Situational in nature to really express how energy changes flow, the siren rockers ensure that each live performance is as different as the last, while ensuring the integrity of each song at its core. Tracks like "Poison Ivy" from the Sarah Rae project changes on each stage, with each audience, and Standard Electric Recorders Co helped capture those essences with no editing, tuning, or tracking whatsoever.


Sarah Rae constantly prides herself on perfection, and one of the hardships of being a stage performer comes with self-deprecation. With the essence of imperfection captured on recording she wants all artists, listeners, and followers to know that perfection is a fallacy, and beauty lies within the imperfection of going with the flow.

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